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Until Rain return with their new album ‘Season V’, following up two years after the release of ‘Inure’. They hold the course and continue evolving to an amalgmation of alternative and prog metal.

Dark and sinister but also melodic and fragile. This time with even heavier but at the same time even softer moments.

Shortly after their 2017 tour promoting Inure, Until Rain started writing ‘Season V’. Heavily inspired by themes found in the visionary & surreal tv series ‘Leftovers’ they decided to base the themes of this album to the unreal struggles that the characters of this series deal with: grief, inability to adjust to something new, loneliness, search for happiness, search for meaning, the need to save themselves and their loved ones.

The title doubles as a reference to the number 5 since this is the 5th studio reléase of the band but also setting the idea of a 5th season. A season outside time. A season where warmth and cold, light and dark, can interact and coexist. A season that exists in one’s mind and heart and can be either a source of depression and sadness or the driving force to a better life.

The characters of this concept album are all victims of the same catastrophe but the way they deal with it is different in many ways. And that’s exactly what Until Rain explore in this album.

Musically, this album is inspired by a lot of different artists and different genres of music and it is a journey with a clear start middle and ending. Like most Until Rain albums it matures with every time you listen to it. It’s not for the faint hearted…

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Inure is the new album by Until Rain out 28 April 2017 in Europe and May 12 in the US.

It was recorded by UNTIL RAIN in various European cities, including Thessaloniki, London, Gothenburg, and Lausanne, and mixed/mastered by Daniel Cardoso of Anathema in Lisbon, Portugal (Anneke Van Giersbergen, Anathema, Head Control System).


The album features beautiful artwork by the new Greek artist/designer Nassia Kefala, and a hand-drawn cover that completely represents the concept of the album and the duality of many inured people; appearing lush on the outside, yet they are rotted inside.


With nine massive tracks, Inure presents an hour-long journey that you will want to take again and again, the digital release bearing an additional bonus track.

With Inure, the band’s first album since 2013’s well received Anthem To Creation finds them exploring the dark world of psychological/emotional abuse, loss, and doubt and it presents the darkest side of UNTIL RAIN thus far.


The tempos have slowed, but the soundscape expanded, and as always, a multitude of melodies and hooks will keep you headbanging and singing along to the songs of the album. By being more direct in their songwriting, new vocalist Cons Marg (known for his work with Arjen Lucassen’s Epic Choir) shine, while the rest of the band lays the foundation of some heavy and melodic contemporary prog metal.


The two main composers/lyricists of the band, Lef Germenlis and Theodore Amaxopoulos, are surrounded this time by the ingenious bass work of Linus Abrahamson — known for his work with Andromeda and Constancia — the Maltese workaholic-wonder Matthew Vella on drums, and the multitalented Swiss/Thai female singer Donna Zed on backing vocals.

Because Something Might Happen
Progressus In Idem
This Solitude
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Anthem To Creation is the second full length release of Until Rain.

It was recorded by the band and mixed/mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren in Orebro, Sweden.

The album was released by Escape Music at 23rd August 2013.

Only from the first months of its release it received praising reviews from around the world.

"Here is a band that are mixing the prog metal, symphonic metal and power metal genres into something that is intense, melodic, powerful and essential, all at the same time."

- ProgArchives -

"Overall, with Anthem to Creation, Until Rain delivers the progressive power metal goods, with strength and creativity, easily competing with the big boys. Recommended"

- DangerDog -

My Own Blood
Think Again
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Pandemic EP consists of 4 new songs and 4 bonus tracks (acoustic versions, radio edits etc), giving a taste of Until Rain's next full length release, blended with 2 tracks from the past, sounding heavier than the first album and more mature.

It was recorded/produced/mixed by Until Rain in Oneiromancy Studios (Thessaloniki, Greece) and mastered by Vangelis Yalamas at Fragile Studios (Athens, Greece).

The album was released by Steel Gallery Records and it was cut as a limited edition of 1000 copies.

"This is an incredibly polished band, who exude experience and class from every pore!."

- ProgArchives -

"In A State Of Great Depression! This particular song is a masterpiece, with one of the most wonderful choruses and intelligent musical combinations that I’ve listened to lately and proves that Until Rain have entered the right path that leads to worldwide recognition."

- Magic Starlight Zine -

Pandemic (Lyric Video)

Pandemic EP Preview

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The first album  of Until Rain. It was recorded during the first months of 2009 at Fragile Studios in Athens.


Its concept concerns dreams, but its scenario could be a real and adventurous life story. It deals with the struggle of a man realising his actions and sins during a voyage inside a Dreamworld.

It was released by Steel Gallery Records.

"Overall, this is an intense album, with crunching riffs, as the band are out to make an impact, which they certainly do."

- ProgArchives -

"While I was listening to the album I happily marked the overwhelming diversity of tracks. Tracks completely out of the aged logic of verses and choruses..."

- Metalzone -


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Until Rain - Artwork - Final - Output 20

"What I really love about this one is just how unique it feels. Until Rain simply refuse to settle in any pattern and try to make something different with every record." 

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"Cons Marg sings in such a way that there's no way you will not get the goosebumps with his performance; a perfect combination of Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation) on his cleans and Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) on his brutals." 

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"Season V is the sound of a band that feels comfortable with each other; all compositions are well thought through and played to perfection." 

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"Yet again Until Rain has put together an impressive album, this one with a different slant both musically and lyrically."

"Some of these songs are utterly mind-blowing and totally absorbed me as great progressive music does." 

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"Inure, the track that gives its name to the album, is a true 13' masterpiece that achieves absolute peace and total brutality, a thing that many bands today try and very few succeed." 

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"With Inure, Until Rain re-invented themselves. A mature band with a stellar achievement of unique dark, diverse prog metal." 

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"Every contribution of the ”new” members is spot on and favours the compositions. The outcome is an album that is quite unique." 

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"The result is a band that are always on the edge, always striving for that little bit more, but never allowing any single person to take over the whole show." 

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"So this is technical, heavy, intellectual and evolved. That's pretty much prog in a nutshell. Now let's get to the emotional side of things..." 

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"Bang for your buck is something you get with this band from Greece and their new album Anthem To Creation where there is plenty to take in as you venture through the 11 tracks." 

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"Anthem To Creation is like a supernatural journey in which we immerse ourselves completely." 

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"This is an incredibly polished band, who exude experience and class from every pore, and I find myself wondering how a band can release material of this quality yet still be quite an unknown quantity to many." 

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