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New World Fiction (Acoustic Live) Video out tomorrow

We understand that we have been a little bit quiet for the last 2 months. The events of September, involving the loss of our long time friend Alex, have left us a little bit numb. We made sure to channel those feelings towards our new album that we have been writing since we came back from our European Tour in May. More information will be published soon but until then: - More transcriptions and sheet music from Inure will be released soon - More drum playthroughs - New acoustic live videos.

Yes, finally we have in our hands some of the videos from the acoustic show we did in Thessaloniki last June. It was a fun evening for both us and around 15-20 friends who came to have a bite and a drink and see us perform (totally unrehearsed) a few of our songs just with an out of tune upright piano, acoustic guitar and a couple of voices. We had with us a really good friend, Tryfon Baitsis, helping out with vocal harmonies. (you should check his debut album "A Permanent Escape" by the way..

Having said that, click here to watch a little teaser from the first video we are going to release tomorrow. The song is "New World Fiction" and is taken from our latest release "Inure" which you can stream/buy here. Behind the cameras this time are Cristos Georgiadis & Tolis Karoulas(the guy who made an awesome job editing our video clip for "Because Something Might Happen")

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