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End of our EU tour

Until Rain are back to base. Tired, utterly deprived of sleep and so so excited! It has been an incredible experience touring with Wolverine, Oddland & POEM and visiting some amazing places for the first time.

Humbled to have met so many new fans and also some people that travelled many miles from other cities, even 5 hours away, to come to our shows.

Thanks to Denis Efimenko for being the best touring bass player of all times and making Linus’ absence as smooth as possible, our light engineers Alexander Safapay & Panagiotis Tsalavrettas, our sound engineers Larsa Larsson & Ektoras Tsolakis, our merch girl and artwork designer Nassia Kefala and our merch man J-Vana Elafaki, our driver Oliver Schwindt, Lars F. Larsen for putting this madness together, the promoters who fed us, took care of us and showed us around.

Most of all thanks to the people that came to the shows, that cheered and sang with us, bought our new album and supported us all the way through.

Already looking forward to our next tour and we are already in the talks for the next one. Until then, many many new things are on the way. Really soon we are going to make an announcement about a special new DVD release so stay tuned for that.

Don’t forget that our new album Inure is out in Europe and in the US and you can stream it, buy it or share it from

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