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December 27, 2017

It has been a pretty exciting year for Until Rain.

Earlier this year we released our new album "Inure" which you can stream or buy here.

We had the chance to tour Europe with the awesome Oddland & Wolverine. Met a lot of new fans and visited cities we have never been before. 

We released new videos for the promotion of Inure, got loads of good reviews from around the world, released sheet music & acoustic live videos. In the end of this message I will try and put all the links of all the new material so you can dive in just before we enter 2018 for an even more exciting year.

In January we will release more information about our upcoming release and other plans we have for 2018. 

We wish everyone all the best for the new year and thanks for all your support until now!

Progressus In Idem

- Official Audio Youtube Video

- Live DrumCam Video

New World Fiction

- Acoustic Live Video

- Live DrumCam Video

Because Something Might Happen

- Official Video Clip

- Live DrumCam Video

Tearful Farewell

- Acoustic Liv...

November 23, 2017

Here is the official Drum Playthrough for our song "This Solitude". Alongside the video you have the official drum transcription running so for all of the drum nerds out there: you can now have a solid idea of the drum parts and how they look on paper with all the time signatures. That's definitely one of the most technical songs we ever recorded so here is Matthew giving it a go.

You can also purchase the official transcription for the whole song (84 pages for the full score and all individual parts) or just the drums score here

November 21, 2017

Third video to be uploaded from our gig in Thessaloniki last June! Check it!!!

November 17, 2017

Another live/acoustic video, this time for our song "Tearful Farewell"!

November 9, 2017

As promised here is the first video from our live acoustic performance in Thessaloniki a few months ago.

November 8, 2017

We understand that we have been a little bit quiet for the last 2 months. The events of September, involving the loss of our long time friend Alex, have left us a little bit numb.
We made sure to channel those feelings towards our new album that we have been writing since we came back from our European Tour in May. 
More information will be published soon but until then:
- More transcriptions and sheet music from Inure will be released soon
- More drum playthroughs
- New acoustic live videos.

Yes, finally we have in our hands some of the videos from the acoustic show we did in Thessaloniki last June. 
It was a fun evening for both us and around 15-20 friends who came to have a bite and a drink and see us perform (totally unrehearsed) a few of our songs just with an out of tune upright piano, acoustic guitar and a couple of voices. We had with us a really good friend, Tryfon Baitsis, helping out with vocal harmonies. (you should check his debut album "A Permanent Escape" by the way..


September 25, 2017

It's been already a week and we are still shocked and sore from the news that our dear brother (and former drummer of Until Rain) Alex Hughes has left us.
He had a fatal accident with his motorbike and we are still trying to bring our heads around those news.

The only thing we can do is remember all the fun moments we had together doing 3 albums, touring Europe and Greece, playing our first shows together back in school, endless laughs, beers & crepes and funny Youtube videos.

Our thoughts are with his family and the loads of people who loved him and will dearly remember him.

September 14, 2017

Today we release another 2 full scores from the Inure Official Songbook, This Fear and Tearful Farewell.

We're halfway there. The first 5 songs of our latest release are out there for you to grab, transcribed to the last note! (345 pages!) Another 5 songs to come...

Until then make sure you head to our shop to have access to any of those full scores (+all the individual parts) and also don't forget that you can stream or buy "Inure" here!

September 4, 2017

Check out an interview in Dutch that our singer Cons gave to the webzine Keys and Chords here.

Also another great review in Dutch came our way and you can check it here!

"The songs are more to-the-point, have a lot of details to discover and the new singer has delivered some fantastic work." (thank god for google translate!)

August 21, 2017

Another song is being released today in a songbook format! Nearly 100 pages for our first single from "Inure", Because Something Might Happen!
Just visit our shop here to access the 98-Page Full Score that includes a detailed transcription of all Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard & Drums (standard notation & tablature) and all the individual parts.

There is also the option of buying only one or more of the individual parts separately.

More songs to follow soon!

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